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Since earning his customs broker license in 1992, Mr. McCauley has worked in many facets of the global supply chain which has allowed a deep appreciation of the roles and needs of the trading community.


Over the last 30 years, he has designed integrated software trade and compliance solutions, optimized operations for improved returns, and managed compliance concerns for customs brokers, importers and exporters, and integrators.

Mr. Thompson has over 20 years of system design, process engineering, strategic consulting, data analytics, account management, project management, and quality assurance experience within a variety of markets.

He is accountable for the design and implementation of various enterprise-wide applications, management of systems integration projects, and delivery of strategic consulting services while ensuring the highest level of client support.

By utilizing only experienced professionals, our network provides the flexibility to our clients of leveraging decades of experience in trade compliance, system design, and service performance to provide assistance when needed and support when requested. With a network that includes license customs brokers, system design professionals and process architects, our commitment to the expansion of trade knowledge is only exceeded by our desire to make our clients more successful in addressing their challenges.




Jeff Mccauley